Special Raffle – Amazing Alternative Machetero Headdress

Here’s your chance to own an amazing handmade piece which benefits the macaws in Bolivia. The Moxeños, like many indigenous people in the new world, have an ancient cultural tradition of celebration with the Machetero dance custom- the focal point of which is a massive spherical headdress. These headdresses are truly works of art, with regional variation and individual creativeness. Each headdress unfortunately represents the death of at least ten adult macaws, mostly Blue-and-yellow, Severe’s, and Red-and-green, but also the Critically Endangered Blue-throated Macaw. The Machetero costume is a proud element of Moxeño culture that is clearly distinctive. The spherical headdress is often used symbolically to represent the Beni people. In order to halt the impact on the birds, Armonia in Bolivia held a competition whereby locals could create a headdress from alternative materials. The look should still be the same but no macaw feathers were to be used. The winning headdress was created using a flexible palm spine placed over painted thin cloth in the form of a feather. The headdress we are raffling is a headdress made with the winning design. This truly is a unique piece which is not only unusual it is something you will not find locally. This piece travelled from Bolivia with Bennett Hennessey in October 2012.

Tickets $1.00 each
Winner drawn Saturday May 18, 2013, 7.30pm
Winner does not need to be present to win

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