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ASCS will keep a library consisting of books, magazines,
DVDs and other materials the Executive Board deems interesting
and educational for ASCS Members. The Librarys content will be
reviewed yearly to add or cull items at the Executive Boards
determination. Due to the fact that some items in the ASCS library
are of considerable value the following guides have been set for
checking out ASCS library items.

1. An ASCS member in good standing shall be appointed
by ASCS President to organize and keep library items
available for ASCS members at ASCS General Meetings.

2. ASCS library items may be checked out by ASCS members ONLY.

3. ASCS members may check out up tp two (2) items at one (1) time.

4. All items checked out must be duly noted by the librarian.

5. Check out period is for one (1) month. If the member is going
to miss the next ASCS meeting that member is to notify the Librarian
then the item may be returned at the next meeting.

6. Items past due (more than one month without notification) will
be subject to the following fines:

One (1) meeting past due fine $1.00

Two (2) meetings past due fine $2.00

Three (3) meetings past due the members name will be listed in the ASCS
newsletter asking for the return of the item and a $5.00 fine will
be issued.

If the item is not returned with-in four (4) months the ASCS reserves
the right to bill the member for a replacement item.

7. Library privileges can be revoked at the Executive Boards discretion.


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